R134a small refrigerated Air Dryer KDL-10F (56cfm) for 10hp compressor

Group KDL series small air dryer
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment L/C, T/T
Update Time 2019-11-29
Item specifics
Cooling typeAir cooled
EvaproatorPlate heat exchanger
Max inlet temperature45°C
Ambient temperature40°C
Dew point2-10°C
Working pressure7-10Bar
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KL KDL series are energy saving andenvironment friendly type refrigerated air dryer. It adapts Aluminum plate heatexchanger, mixed the pre-cooled regenerator, evaporator,gas-water separatorinto one. It improves 20% heat exchange efficient compared to other exchanger,then to reach 2-10°C dew point with less consumption along with low maintenance coststo operate.

All-in-one aluminum plate heatexchanger

KDL series refrigeration air dryer is adopted with all-in-onealuminum plate heat exchanger. The air-to-air heat exchanger,air-to-refrigerantheat exchanger (evaporator) and demisterseparator are housed in one aluminum module. It pre-cools the incoming airusing the cold air exiting the refrigerant section. It then final cools the airin the refrigerant section at which point the air stream enters a separationchamber to allow the condensed moisture to fall out. Since the air is reheatedin the regeneration section, the final humidity remains below 25%.

Eco-friendly refrigerant compressor

Each KDL air dryer is equipped with R407C orR134a refrigerant compressor. Scroll compressor offering energy savings of 20-30% when compared with piston compressors. The ability to tolerate liquidreturns coupled with 50% less moving parts render them nearly indestructibleand highly reliable.

Hot-gas by-pass valve

Each model of KDL air dryer is installedwith hot-gas by-pass valve which prevents the freezing inside the evaporator atany load condition. The valve is set during final test and no furtheradjustments are necessary.

KDL series :

                     Max inlet temperature:45oC    

                     ambient temperature≤40oC

                     working pressure:7-10Bar

                     DEE-POINT TEM:2-10oC

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  Model        Flow  CapacityPower Cons.(kw)Conn.       DimensionsWeight
m3/minm3/hCFM(BSP)L (mm)W(mm)H (mm)(kg)
KDL-50F63602121.651 1/2"77053089070
KDL-60F74202471.651 1/2"82053089080
KDL-75F8.55103001.671 1/2"87058089090