Desiccant air dryer details

Time: 2011-12-14
1  Desiccant air dryer heat exchange \ evaporator
Heat exchange in cold and dry however role of your evaporator is cooled by using compressed air carried via cooling capacity (with regards to this perhaps the vast majority of users serves as a waste of cold cold) usage of this region of the cooling capability to carry huge of cooling The high temperature steam compressed air, thus reducing cold and dry cooling system heat load mechanisms to have energy savings. But, low air temperature with the heat exchanger to generally be grabbed, so that your exhaust pipe wall temperature is too low and won't appear a consequence of condensation.
Evaporator is cold and dry the different parts of the root heat exchanger, compressed air needs from the evaporator cooling, a few of which water vapor condenses into liquid water cooled and discharged not in the machine, so that the compressed air that should be dry. Carried out in the evaporator low pressure refrigerant vapor is between air and convective heat and mass transfer by low-pressure refrigerant after throttling device liquid phase takes place in the evaporator while refrigerant in to the low pressure steam, filth and debris absorption while in the phase change near the heat so that the compressed air cooling.
2  Desiccant air dryer condenser, second condenser (return to pre-cooling heat)
Inside cold and dry becoming the condenser is going to be questionable compressor discharge refrigerant, steam superheated refrigerant into liquid refrigerant cooling, to make sure a continuing cooling process can be executed. Simply because condenser discharge refrigerant via the evaporator heat, including heat and draw power out of the compression conversion over heat.
Galileo Galileo) machinery, equipment industry, high-end brands - the eu Quality (Galileo Galileo) machinery, equipment industry, high-end brands - European quality imported from Europe we will continue to update all sorts of products, technologies, to be sure that within the All at once the international advanced level, the roll-out of European technology company to take part in us by innovation, to get our products best for domestic use, better and long life to your product details and related information, please click our web page that the condensation of load is far on top of the evaporator, the cold and dry sub-air-cooled condenser (air-cooled condenser) and water cooled (water-cooled condenser) two.
 Desiccant air dryer secondary condenser (straight into pre-cooling heat) in the heat exchange function of the system as well same, the real difference is between high and low temperature heat exchanger is mainly compressed air heat exchanger, as you move the second major by using low-temperature condensation compressed air and refrigeration systems to cool down the high-pressure part, make certain sufficient refrigerant towards cooling, thereby enhancing the machine's cooling efficiency, while avoiding identify machine condenser cooling as a consequence of high jumping machine or machine malfunction.

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